Jul 5, 2022

Masters Packages

Charlton Brown’s UniTrack programme now offers the opportunity for students to package certain post-graduate qualifications with the award winning Masters programmes offered by Queensland’s Griffith University and the University of Tasmania.

Students can receive up to 75 credit points, or up to 6 units, of credit from the UniTrack Graduate Diploma of Management Learning into the Griffith University Master of Business Administration, with a CoE package available for international students – a similar credit is available at UTAS.

NIET Group Director Troy Yue:

“This excellent partnership provides yet another opportunity for our outstanding academic leaders, and furthers our ongoing commitment to build a vibrant community, not just a college.”

With Griffith’s MBA, their partnership with the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand (IML ANZ) allows graduates to be awarded with the internationally recognised professional designation immediately after graduation. Accrediting management and leadership excellence, Chartered Manager will help students to gain global recognition, professionalise their leadership skills, increase their employability and differentiate them from other managers.

UTAS’ MBA graduates further have excellent career prospects. Over 93% of postgraduate students from University of Tasmania are employed in full-time work within 4 months of graduating.^ Careers requiring contemporary business administration capabilities are growing fast, with employers demanding formal qualifications. Careers projected to grow into 2025 include Business Administration Mangers (9.9% growth), Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers (13.5% growth), Corporate Services Managers (7.8% growth).

UniTrack is excited to deliver these new programmes into 2021 – we can’t wait to see our graduates develop into the next generation of Managers.